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The motif: “Little Mermaid”
Fairy tale classics have always been very popular. Our unique selection contains the best-known fairy tale princesses ever, namely Snow White – Rapunzel - Sleeping Beauty – Cinderella - The Frog King and Little Mermaid.

The illustrations in the background are already completed; it is only the dress that still needs painting. Since younger children don’t have much patience and wish to achieve good painting results quickly, this technique particularly suits their needs. The sales packaging, designed in the way of an old fairy tale book, is an original eye-catcher. For all parents who cannot quite recall the classic fairy tales and wish to read them to their children, a short version of every fairy tale is included.

Stable cardboard, sized 18 x 24, with palpable and visible canvas structure. Exact contour drawings with well legible numbers and already finished background drawing. Acrylic paints based on water, ready to paint, no mixing of colors required. Fine paint brush. Control sheet to identify already colored areas. Short version of the fairy tale for reading them to the children. Detailed painting instructions with a lot of tips for painting with success.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Little Mermaid

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