Mother wolf

Wolves have always fascinated but also frightened men. After having been wiped out in many European regions, the charismatic predators are under special protection. Wolves are social animals with a distinct sense of family. This social bond makes them successful hunters and guarantees their offspring. In the wolf pack, mother wolf has a prominent role. The motif shows a caring wolf mother, its eyes alert, with its pub huddling against it. The motif emphasizes the close ties between mother and pub and thus makes it quite a sensuous experience for the hobby painter. 

Format and painting template:

“MASTERCLASS Classics”. The paintings sized 24 x 30 cm fit extremely well into a small picture gallery or a wall full of paintings. Nicely presented in groups or decoratively hung up on a wall, they are true eye catchers. The template has a palpable and visible canvas structure that does not only improve the visual impact of the finished painting, but also stresses the artistic character of the painting and the desired “oil-on-canvas effect”. Hint: SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts has the matching aluminum frames on offer for this format. Please go to the start page of our homepage and click onto the menu bar “painting themes/accessories”.

Contents of the box:

Rigid painting cardboard with canvas structure finish, size 24 x 30 cm. Precise pre-printed contours with well legible numbers. Water-based acrylic paints. Ready-to-paint pre-mixed colors. Brush with fine tip. Control template and detailed instructions for successful results.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Mother Wolf

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