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Paint by numbers brush dried out - What to do?

With Schipper paint by numbers, impressive paintings are created number by number, with the path to the goal promising lots of creative fun. No wonder that this special type of painting is appreciated by many people and eagerly pursued as a relaxing hobby. However, there are some fairly common problems that can sometimes make creative work more difficult. In addition to dried paint, this also includes the case where the brush has dried out. This article is dedicated to the causes of this problem and explains in practical terms how you can clean your paint by number brushes.

Why do paintbrushes dry out?
Let's start by looking for clues and see how paintbrushes dry out in the first place. The most common cause is certainly inadequate cleaning. If a brush is not thoroughly washed out after use and the paint residue removed, the hairs stick together and dry, hard lumps of paint are left behind.

Dried-out brushes are also caused by incorrect drying. You should never dry your brushes with the bristles facing downwards in a glass or cup, as the hairs can otherwise bend and become brittle. The best way to dry them is to lay them horizontally on a piece of kitchen paper and make sure to smooth the bristles forwards for a long time. Alternatively, you can also hang them up so that the bristles hang freely downwards.

In addition, storage is also important. If you want to avoid brittle, brittle or dried brushes, you should only ever store your brushes completely dry and in such a way that they do not stand up with their hairs.

If you find your brushes dried out, it may ultimately also be due to the material of the brushes. Inferior products may be more prone to drying out, may take longer to dry and may be more difficult to clean.

Now that you know why brushes dry out, it's high time to look at how you can clean dried brushes.

First aid for dried brushes- These are the options you have 
If you have noticed that your paint by numbers brushes have dried out, we have good news for you: Often the brushes can still be saved even if the situation seems hopeless at first. You can clean dried brushes as follows:

Clean dried brushes with vinegar 
If the paint has not yet dried completely hard, you can try using vinegar essence to clean it. This household remedy is a real all-rounder and is already available in most households anyway. Heat the vinegar essence, pour it into a glass and soak the brush in it for at least five minutes. Important: As metal and vinegar do not mix well, you should make sure that the vinegar essence does not reach the metal socket of your brush.

Clean the brush with washing-up liquid 
If your paint-by-numbers brush has dried out and you are dealing with paint residue that is already completely dry, washing-up liquid is better than vinegar. Mix a solution consisting of lukewarm water and a good portion of washing-up liquid, place the brush in it and leave it to work for around 30 minutes.

Clean the brushes with curd soap
Another way to clean your dried brushes is to use curd soap. To do this, moisten the soap and brush over it a few times until you notice a lather. You can then usually rinse the paint residue out of the dried brush without any problems. Make sure that you wash the brushes thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

Cleaning tips depending on the paint type: from acrylic to oil
If you want to achieve optimal results when cleaning paint by number brushes, it is essential to consider the type of paint that the soiling consists of. 

Cleaning paint from dried brushes 
If paint is the "culprit", you will need suitable solvents, for example acetone, turpentine or white spirit. Which agent promises the best cleaning effect depends on the exact type of paint. As a general rule, the agents mentioned should only be used in ventilated areas and care should be taken when using them. However, if the soiling is rather minor, you can also try your luck with citric acid or vinegar beforehand.

Cleaning acrylic from dried brushes
Would you like to remove acrylic paint from a dried brush? Then vinegar essence is once again the remedy of choice! Follow the procedure described above in this article and repeat the process if necessary.

Cleaning glaze from dried brushes
If the focus is on cleaning glaze from a dried brush, the choice of cleaning agent depends on the type of glaze. Water-based glazes can usually be washed out with standard soap, while solvent-based glazes can be cleaned with solvents.

Cleaning oil from dried brushes
Do you want to clean your dried paint by numbers brushes and oil is making life difficult for you? In this case, special oil and grease-dissolving brush cleaners are recommended. However, cleaning with curd soap or washing-up liquid is also worth a try and can lead to success with minor stains. 

How often should I clean the brushes?
Now, of course, the question arises as to how often you should clean your brushes. Because: If you are negligent with cleaning, this may be the reason why your brushes have dried out.

As a general rule: clean your brushes before every color change and whenever you no longer need them for painting - and as soon as possible. The longer you wait to clean them, the more likely you are to have to deal with dried brushes. Conversely, if you clean your brushes regularly and thoroughly, this will increase their expected lifespan and you will enjoy them for longer.

This is how you ensure a long lifespan for your brushes
In order to get the most out of your brushes, you should pay attention to a few other points in addition to proper cleaning. Only store your brushes once the drying process is complete and in such a way that the bristles are not strained, kinked or bent. Whenever possible, use alternatives to aggressive solvents to clean your paint by numbers brushes and opt for high-quality products when buying new brushes. This will set the course for a long lifespan and you can create as many great works as possible with brushes in good condition.

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Summary: No need to panic with dried-out brushes
If your paint-by-number brushes have dried out, that's no reason to throw them away! You can often remove lumps, dried paint and stickiness with household remedies and then use your brushes again as usual. To prevent drying out, you should clean your brushes regularly, allow them to dry well and store them correctly. If you keep these key things in mind, you will no longer have to worry about dried brushes.

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