Painting by numbers for beginners

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Painting by numbers for beginners: tips and motif suggestions

Creative, relaxing and varied - painting by numbers is an enormously versatile hobby that brings the creative streak to life and offers almost endless possibilities. The best thing about it: Really anyone can learn it! This article is specially designed for painting by numbers beginners and provides them with helpful tips for the ideal introduction to their new, colorful hobby. 

Don't be shy about painting by numbers - get started right away!
Painting by numbers enables anyone who enjoys creative activities to create wonderful works of art. So teenagers and adult beginners need not worry: Even paint by number beginners can succeed in creating really impressive paintings. Because painting by numbers is simple, follows a straightforward principle and requires no prior knowledge. This way, you can create works that you can be proud of, even without much experience

You can fully enjoy the unique paint-by-numbers experience. Discover your creative side, find mental relaxation and end up holding a picture in your hands that you can enjoy day after day.

Painting by numbers explained simply!

At this point, we would like to briefly explain paint-by-numbers for beginners. The paint-by-numbers principle is based on colors, each of which is assigned a number. The painting template consists of delimited fields, each of which is labeled with a number. This allows you to see at a glance which fields are to be painted with which colors. By gradually adding the right color to the squares, you can create brilliant overall pictures with paint by numbers for beginners.

Our motif suggestions for paint-by-number beginners
So that painting by numbers doesn't overwhelm adult beginners, they should make an optimal choice of motifs. Smaller pictures with clear lines, a rather limited color palette and large fields are ideal for beginners.

When painting by numbers for beginners, motifs that are familiar to the painter are also particularly suitable. Flowers and animals as well as landscapes or buildings are therefore suitable. In order to achieve ideal results, paint-by-number beginners should not only choose the right motifs but also use high-quality materials and follow the instructions that come with each set.

The best Schipper starter pictures
When paint-by-numbers, simple motifs and first-class materials come together, it's probably a Schipper product! Our range provides you as a painting by number beginner with the perfect product sets in a diverse selection - so painting by numbers is just fun!

Want a little foretaste? No problem! If you're a beginner in the field of painting by numbers and are enthusiastic about animal motifs, our  horse portrait might be just the thing for you. This is perfect for beginners thanks to a comparatively small palette of natural colors and promises a beautiful end result.

Were you thinking of a pretty landscape painting? Schipper paint by numbers for beginners also has a lot to offer in this area. Perhaps our colourful  magical mushroom village will appeal to you or you will be enchanted by the  "Exotic flower dreams" motif. These two pictures are absolutely suitable for beginners and still make a real impression!

As a paint by number beginner, we would like to recommend our products from the Polygon Art category. These are characterized by evenly shaped, large areas and therefore undoubtedly fall into the category "Paint by number motifs easy".

Always on the right side with Schipper accessories

As previously mentioned, painting by numbers works best for beginners and advanced painters alike if they have high-quality work materials at their disposal. Logically, no artist can develop their full potential with inferior equipment. At Schipper, you'll find the finest quality accessories to help you get the best out of your artwork. Browse through our accessories for hobby artists and get to know our special brushes and dotting pens, among many other things.

Painting by numbers: 10 tips for beginners

To help you with your first attempts at painting, we have put together a whole range of practical tips for painting by number beginners:

1. find the ideal workplace

In principle, you can paint anywhere where you have enough space and a flat surface. Ideally, however, you should paint in a well-lit place without distracting shadows, where you can spread out your pots, brushes and the like neatly in front of you and make yourself really comfortable.

2. Use thoroughly cleaned brushes
Clogged, dried brushes are the enemy of every painter. Therefore, not only for painting by numbers (adult) beginners: A thorough brush cleaning - even with every color change - is the be-all and end-all!

3. sort and check the colors

In order to work sensibly and avoid chaos, you should sort your colors in advance. For example, you can line them up by number (ascending or descending) so that you can always reach for the shade you need without having to search for a long time. Don't forget to check carefully whether the numbering of the paint pots matches the numbers on the painting template. This is because each motif may have a different numbering sequence. Refer to the corresponding description on the control sheet that comes with each painting set. If there are any discrepancies here, this will result in a color shift in your painting.

If paint pots have the same number, these are to be understood as replacement colors.

In addition, you should also consider the viscosity of the paint as part of the preparation process. To do this, take a match, dip it into the paint and then slowly pull it out. You will be able to see that a drop is created which falls back into the pot. Now take a close look: does the drop quickly melt back into the paint in the pot or does it remain visible for a long time? In the latter case, the paint would be too thick and you would have to dilute it with a little water. To do this, first add just one drop and then do the "match test" again. By thinning the paint gradually, you reduce the risk of adding too much water and then being annoyed by a paint that is too runny and therefore has poor coverage. Therefore, patiently dilute the paint drop by drop until the ideal consistency is achieved. 

4. Make sure your hands are dry
With wet hands, you cannot grip your brushes securely and run the risk of them slipping out of your hand. You also run the risk of leaving wet streaks on the template whenever your hand touches it. Reason enough to dry your hands well before painting. 

5. Carry out color tests
Painting by numbers beginners in particular sometimes find it difficult to accurately assess the consistency and opacity of the colors at the beginning. When using a new color, it is therefore helpful for them to always carry out a color test on a separate sheet of paper before painting on the template. 

6. Take it number by number
Of course, it is entirely up to you in which order you paint the fields - after all, artistic freedom is what makes painting by numbers so much fun for beginners. For many enthusiastic hobby painters, however, a certain system has proven itself. They don't paint the squares in any order, but number by number. So they start with one number and paint all the corresponding squares before moving on to the next number.

7. use the brush tip

The success of painting by numbers depends largely on how precisely you paint the fields. To be able to work cleanly, you should therefore only ever dip the tip of the brush - and not the entire length of the bristles - into the paint.

8. Outline the fields
Another tip for neat, cleanly painted fields: First outline, then color in. This applies regardless of whether you are bringing simple motifs or more sophisticated pictures to life when painting by number. By outlining, you will achieve precise edges and minimize the risk of accidentally painting over the lines.

9. Correct mistakes only after drying
Of course, beginners can make the odd mistake - that's not a bad thing! But you should avoid making corrections while the paint is still wet. Be patient and wait until the paint has dried. Then you can easily paint over small mistakes without the colors mixing together uncontrollably. 

10. Take breaks
As we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day. Especially if you are a painting by numbers beginner, you should take your time and take a break from time to time. After all, you're in no rush and will have your finished work of art in your hands soon enough. 

11th extra tip: Don't forget to have fun! 
A good technique and the ideal approach are only half the battle. It is at least as important that you enjoy painting by numbers for beginners. If you're having fun painting, you're doing everything just right

Conclusion: From beginner to advanced paint-by-number artist
Becoming an artist with paint-by-numbers is easy and uncomplicated - it's possible! Painting by numbers for beginners accompanies you through the entire creative process and invites you to discover the wonderful variety of painting. To make progress as a painting by numbers beginner, you should start with simple motifs and reflect after painting on what is already working well and what you still need to practise. But don't put yourself under pressure. After all, no master has fallen from the sky. Painting should primarily be fun, but the journey is clearly the goal.

By the way: You alone decide when you are ready to switch from simple to more challenging motifs. We would like to encourage you to gradually approach more complicated pictures and put your skills to the test. Let yourself be inspired by our huge range and get to know the whole world of painting by numbers with Schipper via our homepage

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