Schipper Painting by Numbers Dotting Pens

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Originally they come from nail design, but have recently found their way into the great painting by numbers hobby:  Dotting Pens!

What are dotting pens?

Connected by a shaft are metal pins on both sides that end in ball heads of different sizes. They offer a perfect alternative to brushes and are suitable for small and large areas. Our dotting pen has a shaft made of high-quality wood and is therefore particularly easy to grip. This also makes them robust and durable.

Our set consists of 3 dotting pens with the following ball end sizes: 0.9 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 mm

How do I use the Schipper Paint by Numbers Dotting Pen?

The handling is very simple. Use the dotting pen or another tool to transfer paint from the pot to your canvas, apply the dotting pen and spread the paint in the corresponding area. When painting with dotting pens, it can be helpful to dilute the paint a little more than when painting with a brush. Test carefully until you find the perfect consistency for you.

The different tip/sphere sizes mean that large and small fields can always be painted appropriately. Depending on the size, you can draw more or less fine lines.

At the end, you can simply wipe the paint off the pen with a cloth and perhaps a little water. And you can start with the next color! The advantage of using a brush here is that you don't have to constantly wash out your hair.

Instagram x Schipper

Take a look at our brand ambassador Jenny on Instagram. She has made great videos about the dotting pens: 

General information about the Schipper paint by number dotting pen:

When to use dotting pens and when to use brushes?

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