Discover our spring novelties!

    Von Sabrina

Spring is the time for new beginnings, and what could be more fitting than new creative projects?
Schipper is introducing a variety of new paint by number sets covering a wide range of themes - from disused places to vibrant landscapes.

Exploring abandoned beauty: "Lost Place"

With "Lost Place", you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an abandoned building and bring it to life piece by piece on your canvas. Every detail tells its own story that is waiting to be discovered.

Sunsets and seasons

"Evening mood in paradise" offers a picturesque view of the Seychelles at sunset, while "Four seasons" captures the changes in nature throughout the year.

With "Flower Love", you can capture the beauty and diversity of the world of flowers in a permanent still life.

From the animal world to the metropolis

The "Chameleon" and "Koala with baby" bring the diversity of the animal world to the canvas, and with "Sydney" you can bring a touch of urban flair into your home.

Each of these sets is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different world while encouraging your own creativity. Not only do they offer the opportunity to practice painting techniques, but also to create unique works of art that will enrich any home.

Discover these and other coloring sets in our online store and start your own creative journey this spring.

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3 weeks ago