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What is Painting by Number?

With the Painting-by-Number method, everybody can paint beautiful pictures, by simply painting all outlined and numbered surfaces with colours of the corresponding number. More than 40 years ago, SCHIPPER was not only the first German manufacturer to introduce in Germany this painting technique coming from the U.S.A., but this enterprise having its seat in the toy city Nuremberg also succeeded in perfecting this technique to an extraordinary degree. Once the picture is completed, you will hardly recognize any more that it was painted according to this method. Therefore, young and old hobby artists are particularly proud of their works. Beautifully framed, these pictures are an attractive decoration for their rooms and also nice presents.

malende hand
For whom is Painting by Number intended?

Painting by Number is becoming more and more popular! Originally conceived for children, people of all ages enjoy this hobby today. This is due, on the one hand, to the large selection of motives now offered, but also, on the other hand, to the fact that everybody possesses the hidden desire and ability to paint. The Painting-by-Number technique can arouse this talent by rewarding the hobby artist with good results and the admiration of his friends and relatives for his/her works of art.

How do you achieve good results?

Of course, the quality of the product is a decisive factor for the result. The amateur painter must prudently select a good manufacturer, because not all brands fulfill the necessary requirements.

skizze_konturen A Painting-by-Number picture is subject to other rules than a painting freely designed by the artist. Every draft has to be adapted very conscientiously to the Painting-by-Number technique, without losing its charm. This means painstaking manual work to be done by highly gifted graphic artists.

For the work of the hobby artist, accurate, thin outlines are as important as easily readable numbers!

A special kind of paper, laminated onto strong cardboard, gives the right effect to the colours. The linen texture gives the picture, furthermore, the character of a genuine painting on canvass.

The pre-mixed, ready-for-use non-fading acrylic paints based on water are an essential component. For each individual motive, they are well adapted to each other and very exactly mixed. Only with paints well prepared by the manufacturer can the hobby artist create a harmonious picture.


Which motives are available?

For all Painting-by-Number fans, SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts offers the right motives. The following pages of this leaflet show a large selection for all ages and tastes. Great value is attached to offering the most popular painting motives, such as animals, landscapes, flowers, famous buildings, famous paintings, religious motives, the four seasons, and ships.

SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts GmbH - Manufacturer of Painting-by-Number Kits

SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts GmbH
Werkstraße 1
D-90765 Fürth, Germany
E-Mail: info@malennachzahlen-schipper.de
Fax: +49 911 - 9765 5190
Internet: www.malennachzahlen-schipper.de
E-mail: info@malennachzahlen-schipper.de

Managing Directors: Uwe Weiler, Manfred Duschl, Oswald Hertlein
Ust-Id-Nummer: DE 259 509 572
Commercial Register HRB 14096, Local Court of Fuerth

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SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts GmbH, Werkstraße 1, D-90765 Fürth, Germany, Fax: +49 911 - 9765 5190.
E-mail: info@malennachzahlen-schipper.de.
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SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts GmbH
Werkstraße 1, D-90765 Fürth, Germany
E-Mail: info@malennachzahlen-schipper.de
Fax: +49 911 - 9765 5190

Managing directors: Uwe Weiler, Manfred Duschl, Oswald Hertlein
Sales tax ID number: DE 259 509 572
Local court: Fürth, HRA 14096

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